While some of the top companies listed aren’t as luxury

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replica bags vancouver Twitter has released an archive of 10 million tweets that illustrate how Russia and Iran https://www.bestreplicashandbags.com used Twitter to whip people up around issues like Brexit and the US presidential replica bags in bangkok election.The company says it’s releasing this information to “improve public understanding of alleged foreign influence campaigns”In total the archive contains 360GB of tweets and media, some of which Twitter showcased on replica bags london its site dedicated to this release.Some sensitive data was “hashed” (scrambled by a complex algorithm) so it can’t be seen by most people, although Twitter says that it will provide a full set of data to specialists prepared to agree to its privacy rules.Twitter users are receiving bizarre notifications containing random letters and numbers here’s what going onTrolls and fake accounts may not have had a meaningful impact on the EU referendumThere are, in total, 4611 accounts that have been identified as foreign influences. Twitter says that these could be state backed institutions.According to the company 3,841 accounts appear to be the work of the Russian Internet Research Agency, and an additional 770 accounts from Iran.On the day of the EU referendum, June 23 2016, 1,102 messages were tweeted with the hashtag ReasonsToLeaveEU.Brexit was mentioned in 3,789 tweets, according to the BBC’s analysis. However the government has denied that there was any evidence the campaign on Twitter had influenced the outcome of the referendum.In America accounts had spent considerable time and effort attempting to discredit Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton replica bags vancouver.

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