A major trading hub and financial centre with a modern skyline

voodoo curses and abandoned locations

It’s one of the world’s most popular stopover destinations. A major canada goose outlet trading hub and financial centre with a modern skyline studded with more skyscrapers than anywhere else on earth.

But beyond the gleaming high rises and glitzy shopping malls, there much more to Hong Kong than first meets the eye.

From sorcery and snake soup, to abandoned houses and unexplored offshore hikes; ditch your guidebook and read on for 12 Hong Kong experiences that go way off the tourist trail.


canada goose uk shop Looking to get back at a scheming ex? Boss at work causing you strife? If there someone in your life that in need of a bit of payback, in Hong Kong you can hire a very special kind of hit woman to make sure they get their comeuppance. Meet the hitter know as siu yan or person beating these (usually) old women practice a form of sorcery or derived from ancient Chinese folk magic. Employed by those in search of vengeance, the enemy hexing ritual essentially canada goose parka uk involves the woman canada goose uk site violently beating a paper representation of your enemy to a pulp with an old shoe, all the while muttering a series of incantations. canada goose uk shop

canada goose store Expedia Hidden Gems of Old Hong Kong island tour covers some of the best https://www.rkliedtke.de off the beaten path destinations in the city, including petty person beating. canada goose store

canada goose In Hong Kong you can hire a very special kind of hit woman to make sure they get their comeuppance. Meet the ‘villain hitter’. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied canada goose

canada goose factory sale Think of Hong Kong and you think of crowded high rises, so it may come as some surprise that 90 per cent of land is actually rural. canada goose factory sale

Yep, for all its neon and glitz, Hong Kong has some of the best urban hiking in the world. And with canada goose outlet uk sale some 230 outlying islands, there a serene beach, scenic hike or fishing village never more than a hop, skip and a ferry ride away.

canadian goose jacket First timers can go past Lamma Island. A mere 30 minute ferry ride from the hustle and bustle of downtown; the car free roads, quaint villages, and picturesque hiking trails of Hong Kong island are a world away from the big smoke. canadian goose jacket

EXPLORE THE ISLAND how densely populated Hong Kong Island is, the idea of vacant, unused space is hard to fathom, yet weirdly many of the afore mentioned islands are unoccupied. For visitors, one in particular is worth a visit for a peek into the past.

Accessed by a short 15 short minute boat rides from the seaside town of Sai Kung in the eastern part of the New Territories, Yim Tin Tsai (also known as island is a tiny, lush, green island that is peppered with decomposing homes.

‘Ghost island’ is tiny, lush, green island that is peppered with decomposing canada goose outlet boston homes. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied

Canada Goose Jackets Deserted by villagers during the 1990s when the local salt farming industry began to decline, these eerily abandoned houses are ripe for exploring. Venture into one and you still see their belongings in various states of disrepair, with rotting beds, old fashioned kitchen stoves, Mah Jong sets, broken Buddha statues, and old bottles, all eerily rising out of the rubble. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose coats HUNT FOR TREASURE AND VISIT AN ANCIENT TOMB canada goose coats

If you want to get a glimpse of a working class, unpolished Hong Kong of yesteryear, then Sham Shui Po is the place to go. Not only is this neighbourhood no frills authentic, it also where you can see very gradual gentrification taking place with the odd hipster cafe or quirky boutique opening up next to at traditional canada goose outlet wet markets or street food stall.

Keen eyed magpies will want to hit up the canada goose outlet winnipeg grungy flea market on Apliu Street.

Sham Shui Po has hawkers selling literally everything. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied

Held daily, the street is lined with hawkers selling literally everything. The embodiment of the adage that one person trash is another treasure, amid the piles of rubbish there real potential to find a genuine antique or two.

canada goose black friday sale From treasure to tombs; this historic hood is also home to the 2,000 year old Le Cheng Uk Han tomb. Visitors are no longer allowed inside, but you can view it through a glass panel. canada goose black friday sale


Though one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Asia, Chinese beliefs are still canada goose outlet store calgary very much part of day to day life in Hong Kong. This can be seen nowhere better than at a Traditional Chinese Medicine (or shop.

Dating back some 5,000 years, for the uninitiated the ancient practice utilises acupuncture, cupping therapy and herbs to achieve balance. You likely smell some of these stores before you see them, thanks to their pungent wares comprising a Harry Potter like array of potions and herbs, with bottles and boxes of plants and dried insects, lizards, seahorses and scorpions.

Chinese beliefs and traditional medicines are still very much part of day to day life in Hong Kong. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied

If you got the stomach for it trialling a concoction is an experience. Head to third generation shop, Good Spring Company, in Central which has been dishing up cure alls since 1906.

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